We have been brewing unique coffees for our community for over 20 years now and we have definitely learned a thing or two along the way. The main one being our passion for the natural world and the communities that live within it, and how we were able to combine our love for coffee with our love for sustainability. As this is something extremely close to our hearts, we want to make sure that we communicate this as much as possible because you can truly have the best of both worlds. By supporting us, you are also supporting them. Being able to give back makes doing what we do so much more rewarding.


Our coffee blends have been specifically chosen for their balance of flavours and delicious aftertaste. We offer three blends:
French Roast
Dark brown or sometimes almost black in colour with an Intense smokey taste.

Mochó Blend
Mochó is a three to two mix of Medium and Italian. It is fruity with a good body, clean aftertaste and is excellent served with food.

Breakfast Blend
Equal parts medium and light. Sweet and mellow with plenty of caffeine. This blend tends to be the favourite with our customers.



Here at Bean and Gone we only use the highest quality coffee beans to make our delicious coffees. We have a variety of coffee blends on offer, from our infamous French Roast to our Mochó Blend and our favourite Breakfast Blend, for a unique coffee experience every time.


Our baristas have all been professionally trained, to supply you with a great tasting coffee that you will not forget in a hurry. All of our coffees are made in a very specific way to ensure that you experience a taste sensation.


We offer a huge variety of different milks, so you will be sure to find one that is suitable for any dietary requirement. Including Lactose Free, Soya, Oat, Rice, Almond, Hazelnut, Coconut and Cow’s milk.


Our coffee beans are certified organic and Fair Trade, we pride ourselves on ensuring that our suppliers are receiving a fair wage for the products they are providing us with. This not only supports the farmers that supply us with a quality product, but it also ensures that the social and natural environment is protected and sustained.


We want to ensure that every person can enjoy our spectacular coffees, so every coffee can be made vegan.


Our original coffee blends are brought to you every month, so that you can experience a collaboration of flavours. We roast them on a light to medium roast to fully maximise and combine the unique flavours of each blend.